Entry #4

The intruder II

2017-02-03 13:07:25 by demonicsunship

Hello everyone,

Just a quick message to announce that I will probably never finish The Intruder II.
It was very hard for me to find time to work on it since I finished highschool.
If you're interested to see the unfinished version of The Intruder II, you can download the .swf here:


You just have to click and drag the file in your web browser to read it. If you want to contact me, use this email adress: etienne.cossette@hotmail.com

That kind of project take A LOT of time to accomplish, and it was much easier to find all that time when I was a teenage with no responsability.

Sorry about that, and thanks for you interest in my work.

Demonic Sunship

PS: The Intruder! was recently remove due to music licensing issues. There's multiple other website where you still can watch it though.


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2017-02-03 15:16:47

That is a shame, but we can be grateful the unfinished version. Thanks for the update!

demonicsunship responds:

Just to be sure, the link is working? You could download it?