The intruder 2: the devil master

2008-02-06 23:32:54 by demonicsunship

Hi everybody!!!
I just want to say that there's already 2295 frames in the intruder 2... Yes, I work on the second part!
In this one, i add blood (fuckin nice blood effects, you will see!) and sounds effects!
I did a menu with scene selection(i worked hard on this...!) an introduction, and 1 minute of intense fighting. In total, it will have around 4000 frames
better than the first one!
So it will be awsome!!
Everything is syncronised with the music(as usual) !!!

You will see!

Demonic sunship

The intruder 2: the devil master


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2008-02-07 07:14:19

awesome, can you post a preview somewhere? But overall, you look like you are doing good.


2008-02-08 15:33:01

most excellent


2008-03-18 23:53:14

Sweet. I didn't even know there would be a second.


2008-04-15 14:56:54

:D theres a next part dood this is gonna rock!!!


2008-04-20 03:57:43

also i wonder what the plot is this time cos the other one i thought he was gonna steal something and he wanted a ring of summoning :)


2008-06-03 14:22:21

sounds cool :)
i enjoyed the first one so this should be good, im looking forward to it :D


2008-06-12 21:11:27

holy crud! i had no idea you were making a second! hope you make it as awesome as the first. when is it coming out?


2008-07-12 00:05:11

Looks way better just from looking at the screen shots.This looks like it has a lot of potential to become a series. Will you make a trailer for Intruder 2?


2008-08-06 12:12:51

Sweet. I can't wait! :D


2008-08-09 19:04:54

This is going to be AWESOME!!


2009-03-28 02:18:05

are you alive

demonicsunship responds:

yea yea yea yea yea
I work on the intruder2 tonight
but this 6 last months I didn't had a lot of time for this because of shcool.
shit load of works.
2295 frames now.
I will finish it this year I swear!


2009-10-16 18:24:08

is this gonna come out soon?

demonicsunship responds:

This year I think


2009-11-28 13:06:55

I hope to see another update on this some time soon.

demonicsunship responds:

The next update will be the final shit :)


2010-02-24 14:09:18

looks good cant wait

demonicsunship responds:

This is awsome that some GUYS in the WORLD wait for me...


2010-03-16 20:42:15

aHEM! new post! hello? ah, *bleep*. he is alive, you know........right?


2015-06-11 22:55:50

I'm still waiting for it.

demonicsunship responds:

I don't think I'll never finish it.
I don't have time for that anymore...
but, if you give me you're email address, I can send you an unfinished version of it!
Thanks a lot for your interest.